Our Mission

ADHD in Barnet is a local project run by ADDISS, the national ADHD Information and Support Service charity.

ADDISS was founded over 20 years ago by Andrea Bilbow OBE in response to the lack of information around ADHD.

The aim of ADHD in Barnet is to take our 20 years of knowledge and expertise and put it into practice. Over the years we have talked to thousands of families on the phones, at conferences and at our premises. We know what the challenges are around raising children with ADHD and we want to provide families in Barnet with the best possible interventions to empower families, and to give children with ADHD the skills and opportunities to become the best they can be.

Here at ADHD in Barnet, we want to deliver what we believe to be the Gold Standard for effective treatment and management of ADHD.

Following a diagnosis from CAMHS we want to offer a wrap around service. Receiving a diagnosis of ADHD for your child can be either a relief, as it often explains the many things you have noticed about your child that concerned you, or it can also be a shock, frightening and a huge worry.

We are here to support you through the early diagnosis and help you prepare for all the support and attention you will need to give your child in the future. Our staff are very experienced and understand fully the decisions you will have to make about your child’s health, education and adult life. We strongly believe that with the right guidance and support your child can become a confident and happy adult.

We run local support groups, school workshops and parenting courses.

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