We are delivering workshops, support groups and parenting support programmes for parents of children with ADHD and we aim to:

  • Educate parents/carers to a good understanding of the nature of their child’s ADHD condition
  • Support families whilst they are awaiting a diagnosis from CAMHS
  • Reduce parental depression, stress and dysfunctional parenting
  • Equip parents with tools to manage very difficult and challenging behaviour displayed by their child
  • Foster positive relationships between parents/carers and their child
  • Parents/carers will be more confident and put routines in the home that work
  • Children begin to make better choices and become better at self-management

Understanding ADHD Workshops

Are you waiting for a diagnosis of ADHD for your child? Do you already have a diagnosis, but want a better understanding in order to advocate for your child?

This workshop will empower you and give you the knowledge you need to understand your child and to advocate for his or her needs at school and in the community. This workshop is delivered by Andrea Bilbow OBE, ADDISS’ CEO with 25 years experience working with families with ADHD, who has raised her own children with ADHD.

The workshop provides a safe environment for parents to raise issues, ask questions, and learn about how they can provide their children with the best possible support.

Understanding ADHD: A Formula for Success

Courses coming soon.

Workshop for Teenage girls with ADHD

(Sessions for boys and mixed sessions will run from next year)

We are piloting a 4 week course for teenage girls with ADHD which will begin on 24th November 2022. The sessions will be held at our premises in Colindale.

Time: 4.30pm – 6.00pm

There will be a mximum of 6 children per session. If you would like to book your child onto the course please email us