Dr Sharon Saline


Dr Saline offers rare insights into how kids honestly think and feel about having ADHD and what best helps them. With her unique, strength-based approach –’the 5C’s of ADHD parenting,’ you will learn how to teach your kids the essential daily living skills they need for success with less arguing and more cooperation.

Find out more about Dr Saline at her website.

Dr Phillip Anderton


Dr. Anderton is the Managing Director of ADHD 360 and author of Tipping Points, a guide to what professionals should recognise as the social impact of ADHD. His 27 years with the UK police, including reducing youth crime in Lancashire, resulted in his interest in ADHD and its societal impact.

Find out more about Phil and ADHD 360 at their website.

Lisa Mangle and

Jen Lewis-Neill



Lisa and Jen are both clinical experts on ADHD, helping to ensure that services provide the appropriate care and medication, amongst other things, for people with ADHD. They have extensive experience developing and delivering training for clinicians, families, and individuals, and have been doing so for over a decade.

Find out more about their work with ADHD 360 at their website.

Fintan O’Regan


Fin is one of the leading behaviour and learning specialists in the UK. He is currently an SEN and Behaviour Consultant for the Schools Network and an associate lecturer for Leicester University, the National Association of Special Needs, Tribal Education and the Institute of Education.

Find out more about his work at his website.

Kevin Roberts


Direct from the USA, Kevin Roberts is an author, ADHD coach, and motivational speaker with a unique and refreshing perspective. Having taught for several years at a school for the gifted, he discovered the high incidence of ADHD in the gifted population and his own ADHD.

Find out more about his work at his website.